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trombonist The Trombone is the larger relative of the trumpet and consists of a narrow tube of brass folded on itself to save space. Unlike other members of the brass family, the Trombone comes apart in two pieces.

You hold the trombone in front of you with the mouthpiece to your lips, the bell directly forward. Your right hand operates the slide, while the left supports the instrument.

trombone The sound comes out of the flared bell, and is made by blowing a "raspberry" with your lips into the cup-shaped mouthpiece and you can make a number of different notes by varying the tension of your lips which vibrates through the specially shaped bore and moving the slide, which alters the length of the tubing, thus making the instrument temporarily a bit longer or shorter. The slide is unique to the trombone.

The most widely used is the Tenor Trombone which uses seven playing positions on the slide whilst the Bass Trombone is equipped with additional tubing to provide extra notes and a larger bore giving greater depth & power in the lower register.

The trombone is mainly played in orchestras, wind bands, jazz bands and brass bands but have gained popularity in pop & rock music since introduced by bands like Chicago who used the Trombone, Saxophone and Trumpet as an integral part of their line up.

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