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So you want to be a DJ or Radio Presenter. There are several ways to get into broadcasting, and we will briefly cover some aspects to help you on the way to a broadcasting career!

dj scratching Be an Online DJ & Run A Station!
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Daily Updated Broadcasting News
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In this section we will be adding information for acts, bands and entertainers who want airplay for their music and budding radio presenters, tips, advice etc., plus we are building a list of radio links that are 'new artist' friendly.

Any station that provides a spot or show for local bands of any style will be featured as will those who provide a regular free gig guide.

Links to organisations and sites of interest with tips, advice, courses in jingles, voice overs & more.

Radio Stations - join one of the SiteRings.

Unsigned Artists Demo's Wanted for Radio Airplay!!

Host Your Own Radio Show!!

CMP Radio was an internet-based radio station available to all, for free which closed in 2004. Their main objective was to give everyone an equal opportunity to become a DJ / Presenter from their own home. Although the service has now ceased operation, their website and forums are still available online. They have since launched Reach onAir an Internet Radio station that gives you the opportunity to become a Radio DJ. As long as you have a PC, the Internet, some music and any microphone they enable you broadcast shows by providing the tools you need (Software - Jingles, Backing Beds - Promotion) and you book shows on their schedule when you're free each week - then broadcast a live show to the world.

Be an Online DJ

The Internet has allowed music to finally be aired regardless of genre, style or age group. Unlike the usual major stations it has spawned a host of stations, presenters and dj's who are not tied to the signature format or dictates of a producer.

Many stations will allow you to use their vault of mp3's to create your own show, some will allow you to broadcast your own playlist within their programming schedule or you can run your own station using their servers! - phenominal!!

Do's n Don'ts
Do - Read radio regulations and requirements for your country.
Do - Read terms, conditions closely before signing up.
Do - Talk to other users via a messageboard for their opinions on the service.
Do - Have a show format prepared, you can always adjust it!
Don't - Sign up or start broadcasting without getting advice via internet, other users or radio authority.

Likely problems - Some stations do not belong to PRS, MCPS OR the Radio Authority (or their equivalent in relevant countries) - you may be taken to court for illegal broadcasting or for non-payment of royalties so please CHECK the regulations and requirements from the relevant authority and if the service you intend to use is paying broadcasting fees or is exempt.

For tips on what makes a good presenter and how to get started read Cable, AM & FM Radio. and the following sites let you broadcast your own streaming audio or add your MP3 playlists:

Well Established DIY DJ site offering three choices. Listen to streaming broadcasts at whatever bandwidth you specify using Winamp.  Broadcast your own MP3 playlist using Shoutcast's broadcasting tools. Or you can set up your own Shoutcast server and broadcast other DJs' streams.  Only PC users can participate in the broadcasting or server options.
You will need an MP3 player (for listening to streams); Shoutcast broadcasting tools (for creating your own broadcast) or Shoutcast Server (to host Shoutcast streams)

Live365 allows you to create an Internet radio broadcast using your own MP3 playlist or listen to broadcasts from other DJs. There are two unique ways in which to play DJ: EasyCast (which gives you 365MB of free space to store your music) or LiveCast (which allows you to add in voice-overs and broadcast live performances). If you have your own broadcast on another site, you can add it to Live 365's directory for free.

Open Broadcaster Software
Live video streaming software for novice and advanced! The world of video recording and streaming has taken off in recent years, becoming big business as more and more people choose to create live content and publish it on the internet. Enter Open Broadcaster Software, the open source solution for creating and publishing live and recorded content for the internet. Download free today for Windows PC and start streaming!

Auto DJ for stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. RadioBOSS is the software product that provides automation capabilities for broadcasting stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. A large number of features allows using it no matter where you need to play music. The RadioBOSS software can work for months without operator’s assistance. Built-in format converter, CD grabber, music database, playlist generator, scheduler, automatic volume control, crossfade and other features make this software a very useful tool to handle your music collection. The simple and convenient interface minimizes the learning curve.

SAM Broadcaster
Download the SAM free software or upgrade to the commercial version to start your own radio show / station. This professional DJ system allows you to stream audio over the internet to listeners across the world. The application is much more than just a DJ system, providing a complete radio automation solution - a radio station in a box.

Cable, AM & FM Radio

dj mixer How to start, How to get on the radio and other tips!
The initial stages are relatively easy, practice your dj and presenting skills at home and at parties, disco's etc., Work out a 2 or 3 good tracks, chat, jingles etc and record your demo show format.   There are a number of small independent stations, hospital radio stations and RSL's (restricted service licenses) appearing throughout the UK who are actively looking for volunteers and helpers in exchange for training and broadcast experience.

The Radio Authority ceased to exist in 2003 but produced a booklet with all the station addresses, contact numbers and frequency which should also be your first stop for the latest updates on stations applying for RSL's. Some of the information is still available at the new governing body OFCOM   If you are at school, college or university you may have a department who provide tuition and many local radio stations provide a slot for local schools to participate in their community station.

Media UK provide a great directory of addresses and links to radio stations, jingles companies, broadcasting schools, television, newspapers and magazines - an essential link to your bookmarks!

BBC Acadamy sadly have dumped their excellent free online training courses and replaced them with a rather watered down set of video interviews with some of their staff who work in broadcasting. Not particularly educational but may be of interest.

Many DJ's, Presenters and Producers have started via a hospital or community radio station and some even start their own community radio station! But if you have your heart set on being the next 'Terry Wogan', 'Chris Moyles', 'Chris Evans' or any other famous radio presenter then once the training is done you will need to redo the demo tape and approach some larger stations. It is worth checking their website and trade papers for classified job ads as they will advertise for staff, even if it means working in the office or as a researcher which is a good way to get your foot in the door.

Unless you intend a certain 'trademark' attitude - smile when talking over the microphone, make your chat sections as interesting, fun or cheerful as possible for your listeners.   Ensure the demos recording levels are even, clear, with no crackles, pops or 'dead air' (long silences).  Contact the stations by letter or telephone before sending off your demo - unsolicited tapes/cd's etc are often ignored.   Listen to the stations format, playlist and programming, you may find that the station is not compatable with the style or genre of music you play.

Once you have researched and contacted the stations you wish to apply for, then send in your tape with a letter referring to your previous contact, your reason for applying, a brief outline of whats on the demo and of course your demo! It's also worth mentioning that you will be in contact to confirm receipt of the letter and its contents.  Check that your precious cargo has reached its destination after about a week, by which time they may have had the opportunity to review your masterpiece, if not the conversation will remind them about you!

For essential links to Radio Resources, Hospital Radio, Radio Jobs, Online Radio information, Funding and more Click Here.

How To's & Radio Articles

Pop Goes the Musician
becoming a DJ is a popular alternative source of income for musicians. Article by Colin D'Cruz.

Carling Live
Their Carling Cameo section presents a series of events offering you the chance to get involved in the real world of music production. There will be 3 competitions across the Summer, including; the chance to appear in his brand new music video, the opportunity to play a set at Jonas Blue’s party, and a chance to get in the studio for the day to mix with the best talent around.

Electronic Music
Comprehensive online Free Recording & Studio Help Features including articles and advice on compression, plug-ins, mixing and more.

Provides lists of London's AM, FM and DAB official and pirate radio stations.

Voices.com Broadcasting Articles
The voiceover talent network has a selection of radio and broadcasting related articles aimed at voice over artists and presenters.

Radio Shows to Listen Out For!

radio waves The AUTOBLUES is a weekly two hour program devoted to the world of blues.  Broadcast on RADIO ECONOMIA (FM 104.8) which covers most of the Basque Country (Bizkaia and Cantabria) (Spain)., the show is aired every Sunday at around 6 to 9 PM, entirely repeated every wednesday betwen 11 AM & 1 PM. All the blues styles are played and the station controller has requested submissions, new releases as well as rough cuts, CDs, press releases or any other material you consider of any interest. Send stuff or contact
Radio Economía 104,8 FM
Mail Address:
C/Henao, 13 4 Plta
48009 BILBAO

Browse our list of Blues Radio Shows, Blues Stations & Internet Webcasts!! Click Here!!.

UK Radio & Broadcasting News

Essential Links for Amateur to Pro

Archer & Valerie Productions
Free prep radio links, wav files, audio cuts

Alice's Restaurant Rock Radio - Rock in to our DJ Bear's site

American Disc Jockey Association

American*Trax DJs

Broadcast Net - The Broadcast Industry's Home Page

BRS Radio Directory radio search site that allows you to find stations by call-letters, state, format etc..  Also features international listings.

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters

Canadian Disc Jockey Association

California Disc Jockey listings for Bay area DJ's.

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

DJ Intelligence
Online website with event, booking and music management tools for DJ's and Entertainers.

Grapevine Jobs - the best source for jobs in and around broadcast, film and music. Everything from animation to radio, from interactive TV to post-production - and many more jobs available are advertised.

Hospital Radio Hillingdon - provides information on their services plus volunteer job opportunities.

Independent Radio News The News providers for many Newspapers, Radio and Tv stations.

Inside Radio.com The online version of this weekly music industry fax sent to hundreds of subscribers at labels and radio each week providing insider insight as to the current happenings in radio.

Masspool DJ Association

Media Training Masterclasses
provide training for wannabe radio and TV presenters at the BBC Training and Development centre in Worcestershire.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) USA trade association for broadcasters.

Prep Links Show - prep links

Radio Business Report, Inc. the business side of the radio industry, keep abreast of the movers, shakers and politics of the business of radio.

Radio & Production
The US Magazine for Radio's Production Personnel provides free online job classifieds.

Radio Connection Music Industry placement service with students training onsite worldwide at major radio & tv stations, recording studio's, record labels, film studio's and film production companies

Radio-Locator Station Listing the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet.

Radio Now UK - links to 150 online stations to listen to live plus directory of uk radio stations, ownership groups, news and more

Radio Society of Great Britain - UK Amateur Radio, has news, upates and info

Student Radio - Excellent UK Resource for students, station A-Z, charts and more.

The Radio School - One to one, face to face and online radio presenter & production training.

The Radio School (UK)
runs one to one radio presenter courses in both radio presentation and production techniques. The Radio School offers varied radio courses for the presentation and production of professional radio. We're now based in Staplehurst Kent (UK). We're close to London with excellent road and rail links to the rest of the UK and mainland Europe. Our courses are used by both newcomers and established presenters and deejays too. The Radio School will assist you in learning presentation styles, techniques and production values. All ages are welcome and we also accept students from around the globe wishing to learn radio production and presentation in the UK. Plus we provide on going help guidance and advice on marketing your presentation skills and demo for months after. All part of our commitment to all who attend our courses.

Virtual DJ - MP3 and Video Clip mixing software

Windows Media Player Radio Tuner - choose from a selection of major stations like Jazz Fm and click play to listen online