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oboe The Oboe is a woodwind instrument that is part of the double reed family along with the bassoon, contra-bassoon and cor anglais which are played by blowing air through two reeds within the mouthpiece.  These vibrate and different notes are produced by covering and uncovering holes with a system of keys operated by rods and levers.

oboe played There are different systems of levers and pads used throughout the world including the automatic and semi-automatic octave systems, the thumbplate system, the Philadelphia hight D key and roller F mechanism to name a few!! Information and pictures of these are available at Brian Moses Reed pages in the Anatomy of an Oboe section which is sadly only available at the wayback machine site.

Mainly used in orchestras, classical music, the oboe, like the bassoon is sadly underated in modern music with the occassional exception like Carol Bayer Sagar's 'Late At Night'.

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