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Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory covers all aspects of learning to read and understand music regardless of genre or style.  To aid you in your quest to learn we have created this new section packed full of sites who provide free online music theory lessons.

You can also find a variety of excellent free freeware and shareware Music Theory software suitable for all ages and standards in our Downloads section.

Music Theory Books

Learn to Read Music Learn to Read Music by Howard Shanet
A study of the fundamentals of reading musical notation that will teach the reader to read music in 4 hours.   Organised in small chapters with step by step instruction and exercises, this guide is useful to learn the rudiments of music, rhythm, pitch, notation and crammed with essential information. Mr. Shanet received his training in conducting from such masters as Serge Koussevitzky, Fritz Stiedry and Rudolph Thomas; in composition from Arthur Honegger, Bohuslav Martinu and Nikolai Lopatnikoff; in musicology from Paul Henry Lang. He holds two degrees from Columbia University. As Mr. Shanet explains in his Introduction, he taught the contents of this book to more than a thousand students when he was conductor of the symphony orchestra at Huntington, West Virginia. Since then, tens of thousands of others have taught themselves from this book, and untold numbers have learned from Mr. Shanet's television series, also called “Learn to Read Music.”
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Teach Yourself to Read Music: A Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers (Book/CD)
Covers everything a singer needs to know to read music. Includes examples, exercises, songs, answers and an assignment for each chapter. The accompanying CD will help the singer monitor their efforts. Covers everything a singer needs to know to read music. Includes examples, exercises, songs, answers and an assignment for each chapter. The book starts slowly with the basics and adds more complicated elements one by one. It uses visual images to help you hear in your head what you see on the page. Unlike more other sight singing books, it is specially geared to the singer of pop music. Once you learn the system you can sight sing in any given key. The accompanying CD will help the singer monitor their efforts.
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Teach Yourself to Read Music
Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers by Jeffrey Deutsch
This 80 page paperback book and accompanying Cd provides more commercial styles of singers with a guide to reading music, examples and practice lessons.
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Online Music Theory Lessons

Math and the Musical Offering. What is a canon?. In music a canon is a form in which two (or more) voices sing the same melodic line.

Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach
Anatomy, education and links.

Chris B's Music
Online music theory lessons plus online music lessons in various instruments

Free online lessons complete with diagrams including Fundamentals Scales & Key Signatures lessons on Tetrachord, Scales, Key Signatures, Modal Scales, Chromatic, Whole Tone and Pentatonic Scales including scorable practice exercises!

Demystifying Tonal Counterpoint
How to Overcome Your Fear of Composing Counterpoint Exercises.

Music Theory, staffs, clefs and pitch notation. Includes examples, diagrams and informaton on Helmholtz Pitch Notation.

Easy Music Theory Lessons
Video tutorials by Gary Ewers catering to for all standards from complete beginners to professional players who want to brush up their skills.

Tools for teachers and students, everywhere plus free online music theory drills and interactive music theory concepts including C-Clef Note Reading practice reading notes in variations of the treble clef, Chord Drill, practice identifying and building chords or triads, with audio playback, Interval Drill create and identify intervals using this practice tool, with audio playback. Key Signature Drill, Note Reading, Music Speed Reading and Scale Building to practice building many types of scales are just a few useful educational tools. Requires Java to be installed on your computer.

Music Theory On Line
Interactive distance learning music theory course, for students and teachers. Includes description, samples, prices and application form.

Learn the basics of music theory in fun free animated lessons. Site also includes staff and ear trainers for improving musicianship.

Music Theory Quizzes
Test your musical knowledge with these fun music orientated quizzes, great for beginners.

Music Theory Web includes music theory tutorials, music theory reference, articles, music theory and ear training exercises.

The Tonal Centre
Explore many aspects of tonality with this audio-enhanced tutorial including Chords, Scales, Cadences, Modulation.

ToneSavvy Music Theory
Music theory tools for teachers and students, everywhere. Use the drills without an internet connection or load time, and give your answers using any standard MIDI instrument.