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Keyboard & Piano

keys25 Keyboard instruments belong to two basic groups, those that simply trigger or pluck a note like the harpsichord and organ, and those that are responsive to the strength of the musicians touch on the keys like the piano, clavinet and clavichord.

Piano's are built with pedals which sustain or mute notes by moving and stricking soft hammers onto the strings inside the piano which a good player can utilize to create atmosphere and expression.

Organs use a series of buttons along with keys and pedals to create a wide range of sounds, a development also used in the creation of modern keyboard that also combines buttons, switches and keys to produce waveforms and sounds including everything from a Grand Piano to Strings, Brass and complete Drum Kits sounds on one instrument.

Synthesizers, electronic piano's and keyboards are available in a variety of sizes with or without touch sensitive keys and a range of effects, sounds, drum patterns, song styles and some have options for playing full chords by depressing one note.

elton johnA piano is a large, expensive instrument which requires regular tuning so before splashing out a small fortune, beginners should try learning the basics on a small second hand keyboard.  There are also some excellent virtual piano software programs and online virtual piano keyboards for computer users.

All of the electronic options are a boon to players who wish to learn and compose, however, not even the best digital equipment can emulate the true sound of an acoustic grand piano played by an expert.

We have gathered some interesting features for Amateur to Advanced pianists and keyboard players including online lessons, books, articles and resources to play plus links to keyboard and piano manufacturers, part and accessory makers, piano removals companies, available in the Accessories section.

Piano Books

cover cover cover cover

Blues & Jazz Piano Courses and Workshops

piano12 Blues, Jazz, Boogie Woogie with Daniel Smith Lessons, masterclasses and workshops available wherever you live including distance etuition plus intensive weekends or short stays in Aberdour, Fife, Scotland. Workshop sessions all day at Crystal Palace, London on Sunday 12 November 2017.

Blues Piano Courses at CityLit Course Dates: 04/03/18 - 25/03/18 from 11:00 - 13:00 at KS - Keeley Street with tutor David Frankel. Learn and practise the 12 bar form, basslines and boogie patterns. Explore how to improvise on a blues. For competent pianists who read music well and have good coordination between hands.

Blues Piano Course Online Includes history, scales, chords, triads, inversions, 12 bar blues, left hand patterns, turnarounds, endings, right hand comping, sliding and crushing notes, drone notes, crossover licks over several weeks paid course.

Free Piano Tips and Video Lessons Includes gospel blues piano plus Playing Blues, Boogie and RnB course (paid)

Hornby Island Blues Workshops Canada Annual workshops held during the blues festival in May with invited musicians.

Jazz Piano Summer School at Premises Studios This exciting and intensive five-day course is suitable for pianists with some playing experience who wish to learn more about jazz, brush up their improvisation skills, increase their repertoire, and gain experience at playing and recording with a rhythm section.

Learn to play Blues or Jazz Piano with Tim Richards who offers private lessons, piano tasters, evening classes in London plus short courses in Leeds and residential courses in Nottingham.

Chord Piano Workshop - Learn to play piano 10 section course includes chords, rhythm patterns, swing bass, arpeggios, harmonizing, fills, runs, intros, endings with Book, CD, DVD, keyboard chart, chord dictionary, chord locator and more.

Piano Lessons & Education

anipianist Click Here to try our Music Keyboard Online - Turn your computer keyboard into a music keyboard! or Right Click & 'Save As' MusicKeyboard.zip to download.

Player Piano check out our neat virtual player piano online or or Right Click & 'Save As' piano.zip to download.

Learn piano chords on the virtual piano!

Piano & Keyboard Tutorials

Online Lesson Sites

Pianists Health