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Music Software Downloads

There are some great educational games and programs around for singers and musicians of all ages and standards. We have included a few here with direct links to the authors website. These programs vary from freeware, shareware and commercial software for Windows, Mac or as an app for iPhone, iPad or Android. For those who are unaware of the distinction between them:-


Absolute Pitch
A freeware ear training application for Windows that will help you acquire absolute or perfect pitch. This is the musical ability to name any note played, without the aid of a reference note. Perfect pitch therefore differs from relative pitch, with which a musician can identify notes by using knowledge of the intervals between them. Visit Silvawood for more details, online version and to download.

A Music Crash Course v2.0
Designed for musicians, vocalists, or anyone who would like to be able to read music and for those who would like to be able to understand more about the music they read. This material is beginner to intermediate level and takes a fresh, just the facts, approach to the subject. Visit the author site Dave Myers Music Services AMCC Page.

BandBro Gig Setlist, Gig Calendar and Audio Management Software
This software for Windows and MAC is a comprehensive drag & drop, set list creator. With BandBro' you can create, save and print custom set lists, archive lyrics, track your gigs and manage your audio library. The latest version enables you to generate and run up to three band-specific copies from your desktop. Visit Rosette Software

BPM Calculator for iPhone
The Beat Per Minute Calculator is a simple utility for musicians and producers to calculate the correct delay time, flange length, or reverb decay to match the BPM of a song. All a user needs to do is enter the BPM (Beats per minute) of the song, and the app does the rest.Special thanks to Jake Schon of the band Live Like HIm for writing the algorithm that makes this app possible.!
Download BPM Calculator at CNet.com


Dolphin Don's Music School
Provides games that teach ear training and reading of notes, rhythms, key signatures, intervals & chords. Visit the site Dolphin Don's Music School to see video demos, register online or purchase.

dBpowerAMP Music Converter
Convert audio files easily from one format to another. From the developer: "One of those must have utilities, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another. Part of dMCs formidable arsenal, is its ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs!, or LPs [optional install]. Straight out of the box dMC can convert to and from Wave, Mp3 and from CD Audio (CDA) files. Codec downloads add Windows Media Audio v8 (WMA), Ogg Vorbis and many more types to the table. Features include: Volume Normalization - have all audio tracks use same volume. ID Tag preservation & Editing - keep those ID tags between conversions, Explorer Audio Info Pop-ups - display useful information on an audio file in explorer, Convert To - simplest way of converting right click on a file and select Convert To." Visit the authors site Illustrate to download free trial.

EarMaster for Windows, Mac & iPad
Earmaster is a highly improved version of the extensively featured Windows based ear training software which has been on the market since 1996.  EarMaster is an easy and fun way to use your computer for ear training, sight singing and music theory.   Simple and challenging exercises drill and score you on 10 harmonic and rhythmic ear training areas, using a MIDI sound card. With EarMaster you will learn to identify and transcribe intervals, scales & modes, chords, chord progressions and tunes you hear, and learn to sight-read, imitate, and correct rhythms. The exercises have been chosen and developed in cooperation with music teachers and users of previous versions of EarMaster.

In all exercises you can give your answers in different ways depending on your focus. Advanced Wave-to-MIDI technology enables you to sing the tones or clap the rhythms in the microphone. You can also use MIDI, use simple multiple choice or give the tones using one of the answer options on the screen: piano, guitar or notesheet. Also check out their free programs Band Loot, Interval Song Chart Generator and Music Theory Online Course.

Your personal EarMaster Tutor makes sure that you are challenged no matter if you have a trained or untrained ear.   Visit MidiTec, Denmark to download the free trial and purchase.

Finale Music Notation Software
Codamusic.com provide several music software packages including the Finale Notepad, Notation, Allegro and Print Music packages.  Notation is a basic fun notation program that you can download free from their site, Allegro is the midi users version and Printmusic is the software for creating and printing sheet music. The free NotePad program allows you to create music from simple songs to arrangements up to 8 staves, it allows you to select the voices or instruments you need then sets up the score automatically, lyrics are easily added and you can See and Hear your music as it plays then Print it out or Post your music on the Web.  For ease of use they have ensured that if you decide to upgrade to one or all of their more powerful packages that NotePad integrates with the new software so you don't lose any of your work. They also provide an Intonation trainer to teach woodwind and brass students how to play in tune, the SmartMusic Studio which is a complete practice system for woodwind and brass players and vocalists of all ages and skill levels plus a teacher resource kit and music software search for other products online.
Visit FinaleMusic.com.

Fretboard, Chord & Sight Warrior
Fretboard Warrior bass and guitar educational software aims to help musicians memorize the fretboard. Ability to choose 4, 5 or 6 string for Bass Guitar. Chord Warrior aids in memorizing guitar chords and improve the ear. Sight Warrior is a proven learning tool designed to help musicians memorize the fretboard and improve their sight reading. Free demo and trial versions available. Visit Fretboard Warrior.


GNU Solfege
Train your ear to recognise chords, intervals & rhythms. GNU Solfege is a FREE Open Source software program for the GNU Operating System that will help you to accomplish ear training. The program includes exercises to train chords, intervals and rhythms which may be extended by users using lesson files. Other free programs available include music notation, metronome, music typesetting and synthesizers. Visit GNU Solfege.

Guitar Tuner
Guitar Tuner with six notes sampled from a Martin acoustic which was tuned with a quartz tuner to reference a=440 Click Here to try out online (browser must be java enabled).

Guitar Codex
For players of all levels.  Use as a tab chord dictionary and more!!  See chords, scales and display associated guitar chords in a graphical representation using the mouse.  Fingerings can be made by clicking on the fingerboard. Click Here to try out online (browser must be java enabled).

Guitar Chord Decoder applet
Attempts to derive a possible chord name for a given chord fingering. Using the mouse, fingerings can be made on the displayed checkbox and by clicking the "Find Chord" button. Excellent resource for finding guitar chords, easy to read graphical interface. Click Here to try it online (browser must be java enabled). To read more about these players and get the code for your website visit Microtools

Learn Music Theory the Fun Way with HAPPY NOTE!
With Happy Note!, you can learn music theory as if it were a game. Actually, with Happy Note!, music theory IS a game, or more exactly a series of games. Designed by licensed music teachers, these games are true computer games with all the bells and whistles (score, lives, Hi-Score, etc.) They both Entertain and Educate, and make boring music theory lessons a thing of the past. Thanks to Happy Note!, children and adults can now learn music theory the fun way.

New Free Game - Learn about rests the fun way with HAPPY NOTE!
Learn about musical symbols (rests and notes), with the help of an elephant, and a ball! Happy Note! Note Cracker is a game for people of all ages that the entire family will enjoy. It remains fun to play even after you're done learning. It features 4 gaming speeds and a Hi-Score list that keeps track of the 10 highest scores.

Note Cracker & Notes In Space can be downloaded from HAPPY NOTE! NOTE CRACKER & NOTES IN SPACE Translated from the original French

New Free Game from HAPPY NOTE - Sing & Learn Treble Clef ABC Reading Lessons!
You can now download for free all Happy Note! Sing'n Learn Treble Clef ABC Reading lessons. No previous knowledge of music is required to use Happy Note! Sing'n Learn. Furthermore, just as the Learning menu of our computer game Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef, Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn uses color notes to make learning a new note easier. To download it (automatic file setup is only 600 KB) or try it online, go to: Happy Note - Treble Clef

New Free Game from HAPPY NOTE - Sing & Learn Bass Clef ABC Reading Lessons!
After the treble clef, you can now download for free all Happy Note! Sing'n Learn BASS Clef ABC Reading lessons. No previous knowledge of music is required to use Happy Note! Sing'n Learn. Furthermore, just as the Learning menu of our computer game Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef, Happy Note! Sing 'n Learn uses color notes to make learning a new note easier. To download it (automatic file setup is only 600 KB) or try it online, go to: Happy Note - Bass Clef

InTune - Sound Editor - Now InTune is free software !!!
Audiosoft presents professional audio editor - InTune.   InTune is designed for sound analysis and editing in terms of pitch, dynamics, timing and noise. The main purpose of the program is correction of freshly recorded musical material, particularly vocal, woodwind or brass instrument recordings, which are highly susceptible to impurity in tune. Apart from that, InTune can be used to remove noise, edit dynamics and timing or analyse the frequency spectrum of any sound file. InTune saves hours spent on recording just to improve minor imperfections.

Get your recorded sound file and let InTune do the rest. It will analyse precisely musical tune and amplitude of the record. You just make a judgement how to change the sound. InTune will satisfy your wishes in no time. You don't need to type any numbers to change the pitch or amplitude, just drag it with the mouse. Don't worry if your out of the rhythm, use time link feature of the program to say when the note should begin or end. InTune will make a time shift without changing pitch or colour of the sound. InTune also removes unwanted noise from the record using sophisticated Fast Fourier Transform method. The composer can be creative with InTune. The possibility of experimenting are endless. Feel free to use it in your recording. Two versions of the InTune are available: for Windows and for Macintosh OS.

System requirements: A PC that includes a 486DX or higher processor, a Windows compatible sound card and Windows95/98/NT operating system Download InTune from their site Audiosoft InTune

Ishtek SPEAKER Design
Speaker design program uses Thiele to produce designs used to build high efficiency cabinets or P.A. and sound reinforcement use.  It allows you to calculate various designs, primary styles are Horn Loader and Vented Cabinets.  Read More or Try it online at Ishtek (Site was unavailable when checked Jan 2017).


Quickly generates a random cut-up from a pool of words. This pool can include words from up to 5 user entered text fields. When creating a cut-up words can also be blended in from an optional user word library and customisable Liptikl Word Library. Visit the authors site Liptikl at Intermorphic.


Metronome for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad & Android
TempoPerfect is a free cross platform metronome program / app. Create accurate beat patterns for simple or complex rhythms, subdivide beats to hear difficult patterns, such as triplets, accent the first beat in a measure and more. Also includes a tempo guide within the program which is a helpful resource for remembering the BPM for particular speed markings (e.g., Allegro). Visit NCH Software

Midi Editor
Free software with graphical interface to edit, play, and record Midi data. The editor is able to open existing Midi files and modify their content. New files can be created and the user can enter his own composition by either recording Midi data from a connected Midi device (e.g., a digital piano or a keyboard) or by manually creating new notes and other Midi events. The recorded data can be easily quantified and edited afterwards using MidiEditor. Visit Sourceforge

mOUSmUSO 2.0
Play music on a virtual Autoharp. mOUSmUSO is a Virtual musical instrument for PC (Windows only). VB 6 Runtimes are required. mOUSmUSO lets user play notes, chords and arpeggios on a 'PLAYGrid' - harp like lines across the screen. Download takes 10-12 secs on a 56k modem !" Visit the authors site Busker.net to download this Freeware.

Music 101
Music101 is a free aid to help you learn to read music better. The author Frank Martin has also created Guitar 101 to help guitar players read music better. Visit Music101 Website.

MuseScore for Windows & Mac
Create, play and print sheet music using the free MuseScore program. Set up score sheets, input notes using mouse or keyboard, midi keyboard input, or import to create also add text, lyrics and chords, tablature and drum notation, repeats, endings, articulations and dynamics, software by George Hess who provides comprehensive documentation plus helpful online user tutorials. The site includes tons of user created scores for a wide range of instruments plus support forum. Visit MuseScore.

Music Keyboard
Music Keyboard - Turn your computer keyboard into a music keyboard!  This is handy if you don't have a keyboard although it is slow! Whilst it will never replace a real keyboard it is a neat java applet program! Try out the Music Keyboard online (java enabled browser required or visit the Freeware Script author David Rantanen website.

Music Masterworks
Music editing software: create, play, record, edit and print music with this easy to use music editor. Now with Voice-to-Note. Record from your digital piano/keyboard or use Voice-to-Note and then edit with the quick-key, mouse or touch interface to easily compose music. Choose between a staff or piano roll view as well as a drum track. Visit the authors site to download full trial version of this and In-Tune multi-instrument software tuner Musicmasterworks.com.

From Family Games: - NoteCard is a small program with a simple purpose: to help the user learn to read the musical notes, and to recognize them instantly. Although fluency in note-reading is only one aspect of learning to read music, it is the most tedious to master; yet it is a vital skill that is as important to reading music as facility with the times tables is to arithmetic. The quickest way to learn the notes is by means of flashcard drill, and this is what NoteCard provides. There are 12 levels of difficulty, covering an expanding range of notes, until the entire staff (optionally both staves) has been mastered. If you or someone in your family is just beginning to learn to read music, NoteCard will help you. Visit the author website to download free trial version or purchase full program from AHA! Software, Inc.

Nut Chords 32
An intuitive and user-friendly application that targets guitar and piano players in need of a tool that can find the name of any chord. Detects shows & plays all chords shows them on a fretboard. Converts between fretboard and keyboard, search scales, arpeggio's, slow chord, drag as text all timings, soundless version available. There is no need to install anything, since everything is packed inside a portable archive. Simply launch the EXE file to start enjoying the perks of the application. Visit Softpedia to download Nut Chords Freeware.


Piano Chords - Virtual Piano
Learn piano chords on the Virtual Piano.   Click on any variation and the chords are displayed on the piano keys and the notes used are listed under the keyboard!!  A great tool for beginners who want to learn chords and more advanced players who would like to brush up on their inversions!! Learn Piano Chords online script created by Colm MacCárthaigh.

Pitch Train
Small clean simple program to help singers learn how to pitch notes correctly, has free trial that never expires, guaranteed to run on all Windows PC and cheap purchase price for the full version. Visit the authors site Pitchtrain.com.

Play the Blues Harmonica for Android
From Hohner USA: Learn how to blow a 12 bar blues riff, play your harp over cool Jams, play a virtual on-screen harp, learn about the greatest blues harp players, see the most popular harmonica models, and learn about Hohner, the worlds largest harmonica maker. Practice using the live harp feature. Play along with some of the provided tracks Video and animated demonstrations of the basic 12 bar blues riff. Visit cnet Download.com.

Player Piano
Player Piano is an applet which automatically plays a song like an old player piano, the keys move and the music scrolls!  Try out the Player Piano online (requires Java enabled browser) freeware applet created by Mark Leather.

Ramugen : Random Music Generator - Freeware
A music application for Windows which assists in / automates composition along stochastic/indeterminate lines. Comes as a Win32 desktop application and a Borland Delphi component-package. Open Source : full source-code and documentation provided. Visit Sourceforge to download.

Recorder Digits
Recorder Digits is a Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 program designed to display and document recorder fingerings. In default mode, it displays standard and alternate fingerings for alto, soprano/tenor, and bass recorders. The program also has the ability to load external fingering files. This gives the user the ability to change the fingerings that the program displays. For example, a person could create a file with the fingerings specific to a particular model of recorder. Recorder Digits comes supplied with 2 external files, one showing trills for all notes and another, intended for beginners, which shows standard fingerings for all notes, with brief instructions for each (this file can also serve as a good starting point for teachers, who can easily modify the remarks with their own). "This update features a Preferences dialog to set program StartUp options, plus an external file showing Turned Trills." Visit the authors site Rahsoft.net.

Rhyme - Songwriters Tool
A rhyming dictionary program. Type in any word (it knows more than 100,000!), tell it how many syllables to match (or phonemes), and click 'Rhyme'; it's that simple. Words appear in the dialog below, and simply use the one that works for whatever you're doing. It can rhyme words forward, backwards, and with matching syllable counts. Rhyme works on all versions of Windows, from Window 95 to Windows 7 and everything inbetween (including XP, Vista, Win2k, etc). This company have a LOT of very useful utilities for musicians on their site including Frequency Converter, Songtime, Wav-MP3 Converter, Autotune, Vocoder, Vocal Remover and more. Visit their site AnalogX and click on Audio Software link in the menue to see the full list of freeware programs.


Scorch Music
FREE software for you to download that allows you to view, transpose or print music that users have provided online including Music Theory and Writing Lessons.

Once you have created your masterpiece you may upload it to the internet using the amazing free software for viewing, playing, transposing and printing scores online or browse other users creations from a huge choice of original sheet music on the Internet, with thousands of scores for you to play and print - including Piano, Guitar, Voice & piano, Choir, String quartet/quintet, Wind/brass band, Big band, Orchestra and other instruments in a wide variety of genres like 20th Century, Impressionist, Minimalist, Band, Baroque, Church & Religious, Anthems, motets & introits, Canticles & Mass settings, Classical Period, Contemporary, Early & Renaissance music, Educational, Elementary/primary, Music theory, University/college, Film & TV, Folk & Ethnic, Folk songs, General, Latin Jazz Big band, General, Traditional, Musicals, Opera & Theater, Occasional, Wedding, Christmas, Pop & Rock, Alternative, Country, Romantic and if you use Sibelius or Finale you may Publish your own music on Sibelius.com

Sibelius : Avid Music Notation
Sibelius is a commercial sheet music notation software program which provides a free demo for you to try before you buy or you can see a demonstration at one of their events throughout the country.  The site provides several resources including international mirror sites in a variety of languages and their latest product PhotoScore MIDI the New scanning program for use with Cakewalk, Cubase, Logic and other MIDI software.  Turn printed music straight into MIDI files to play and edit in your sequencer! with its own Free demo download.  Teaching Tools is a new pack of ready-to-use exercises, worksheets, resources and music files to help teach music in the classroom with Sibelius and the latest version has conversion capabilities for users of Finale 2001.

Once you have created your masterpiece you may upload it to the internet using the amazing free software for viewing, playing, transposing and printing scores online or browse other users creations from a huge choice of original sheet music on the Internet, with thousands of scores for you to play and print - from classical to pop, from piano to band/orchestra. and if you use Sibelius or Finale you may Publish your own music on scorchmusic.com - it's free to join!

Educational institutes and Publishers are also catered for with the Internet Edition the complete solution for publishing sheet music online. It's used by top publishers and retailers, including Hal Leonard, Music Sales, Boosey & Hawkes and J W Pepper.

Visit their International Homepage and choose a country to see their range, prices or download a free demo at Avid.com

Sight Reader - Piano App for Windows Mobile
Free ad-supported version of Sight Reader for Piano. A sight-reading training game. The game will display notes on a staff at random, the object of the game is to correctly identify the notes using either the piano keys or the note letters. Take tedious, time-consuming work out of learning to sight-read sheet music. Test and improve your sight-reading skills with multiple difficulty level Visit Microsoft to download and install on your windows mobile phone.

Sight-Singing Trainer
If you need to improve your sight-singing skills then Sight-Singing Trainer may help. Test your accuracy by singing the notes presented in short exercises displayed on the screen into a microphone. Sight-Singing Trainer will check your accuracy and correct any mistakes. This version will expire after ten uses, at which time a registration key will be required to continue using the program. Visit the authors site Fast and Soft.

Songbook Music Notation
SongBox Music Notation Software for quickly creating your own customized sheet music, midi files and songbooks. Notation editor contains a large amount of knowledge about music notation. This allows you to quickly create professional looking scores without knowing music copyist rules. For instance, stem direction, beam scope, slant and end positions, and slur shape and location are all automatically determined. (The user can then edit these if desired.) Slurs can be inserted with a single keystroke combination. A free evaluation version is available from their downloads section. Also available are The Christian Virtual Hymnal which contains thousands of public domain hymns that can be displayed/played/printed as SATB or lead sheets with chord names/fret diagrams. Transpose to any key. The MusicEase Traditional Songbook contains verses and transposable lead sheets for over 300 traditional songs (folk, patriotic, and children's songs and hymns). The music can be played and printed. Visit Musicease.com

SoundHelix Random Music Composer
A free versatile Java framework for algorithmic random music composition. SoundHelix can generate random songs, play them (for example, on any number of MIDI devices or MIDI-capable software synthesizers) and is highly customizable using XML configuration. SoundHelix also allows writing the generated music as MIDI files. SoundHelix produces music that is actually enjoyable to listen to. Visit SoundHelix website.

StageHand Android App
An application that allows easy dip switch and light beam calculations for stage hands or anyone with an interest in lighting equipment. We have added a bunch of tools and reference materials, like a color calculator, pin outs, watts to amps converter, and more. Find it in the Google Play Store or download from the author. Visit Stagehand.soft112.com

TablEdit Tablature Editor
TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for guitar and other fretted, stringed instruments. Additionally, TablEdit, while designed for guitarists, by guitarists, is not limited to guitar like other Tablature programs. Through ongoing consultation with experts on other instruments, TablEdit has developed support for harmonica, mountain dulcimer, diatonic accordion, drums, violin, tin whistle, recorder, and banjo (even taking into consideration the special aspect of the fifth string). TablEdit can open/import ASCII, MIDI, ABC, Bucket O' Tab, Tabestry and Wayne Cripps files, as well as files created by earlier versions of TablEdit. Files can be saved in TablEdit format or exported to ASCII, ABC or MIDI formats. Visit their site TablEdit.

TEFview TablEdit File Viewer
TEFview displays, plays and prints tablature and sheet music available in TablEdit's TEF format.
View songs that are available from the internet in TablEdit file format on your computer screen.
Hear the songs the way the author intended to have them heard, at any speed. Loop sections of songs, or even entire songs so that you can get the most out of your practice time.
Print the songs out so that you can have them handy in your gig bag, instrument case, or even in a binder for easy reference when you are away from your computer.

To install TEFview, you'll need to unzip the TEFView distribution file and place its component files on your hard drive. This distribution file is a self-extracting archive and when you run it TEFview will be installed in a directory (or folder) called /tabledit32.
To run the program, double click on tefview.exe in your file manager, or create a shortcut to /tabledit32/tefview.exe using Windows.
If you want to print the musical stave or if you see boxes instead of musical symbol when you run TEFview, you'll need to manually install the TablEdit True Type font (tabledit.ttf) that was included in the distribution archive on your system. Otherwise, you'll get some strange symbols instead of the notes. TablEdit - TEFview website FILE name - tefv.exe - 426K Click Here for this Freeware DOWNLOAD

Tabulature Editor
Guitar and Bass Guitar tabulature editor for windows that allows for the creation of tablature scores that can be printed out and played back via MIDI. Features standard music notation and symbols as well as all of the popular tablature symbols. Can import MIDI tracks and can export to ASCII Text, HTML and MIDI format 1 files. Special requirements: IE 4 or Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 to read help files. Visit the Authors Site.


Virtual Trumpet - Shareware
Play trumpet on your PC using only the Virtual Trumpet software - sound like a pro from the first note! Combine General MIDI sounds with Audio (sound library required). Add harmony, chords and shapes to MIDI and Audio output. Learn the main valve combinations through the entire range of the instrument. Even "false" fingerings are supported! Learn scales, improvise, compose, improve your interval recognition and ear training. The original classic version has been retired but you may read about it HERE or view the new online Virtual Trumpet Mobile Version and visit the authors site Birdwell Music.

Virtual Hymnal
A hymn customizer that lets you create customized hymns/hymnals from a collection of over 300 traditional, public-domain Christian hymns. Include only the hymns you want in the order you want. Options include: play, transpose, print professional quality scores, create customized MIDI files for playback outside of the program, scale the hymns to any size, reformat and justify, use any scalable Windows' fonts/sizes for titles, chord names, & lyrics, verses only, display some verses under associated notes and others at end of hymn in 1 or 2 column format, traditional 4-part harmony (in 2 staff systems) or melody only, guitar fret diagrams, tablature for any stringed instruments, any page/margin sizes, select some, all or no verses, display music as "shape-note" music. When playing, select any general MIDI instrument, alter tempos, repeat songs any number of times $49.95 Shareware PC visit Music Ease to download.


No Current Downloads.

Music Freeware & Shareware Links

Whilst most of the following sites check software prior to acceptance, some are less thorough than others and it is not always possible to prevent authors from uploading programs which may cause issues with your computer. When downloading any software from 3rd party sites, always read reviews, check the authors website for the latest program versions, read instructions and run a virus, malware, spyware and adware check BEFORE installing anything on your computer! If in doubt - do NOT install! Also note that some of the links below lead to the 'widows' section, however, they may also offer Mac software so do check the site links for further information.

Audio & Music applications for SGI in the public domain, complete with descriptions, screenshots and links.

Audio players, audio editors, and CD burners, and more, as well as music management even Karaoke tools.

Hosts a wide range of freeware, shareware and demo software in all catagories. The downside of this site is that there are usually LOTS of adverts and pop up ads that slow down page loading!

Hitsquad Music Shareware Downloads, extensive site with tons of free demos & cheap shareware music applications which are mainly now for old windows versions and remains as an archive.

Reality SGI Freeware music and audio application listings and links to download sites for SGI.

Freeware and shareware music software listings.

Sourceforge Freeware and shareware projects provided by authors who often place their projects into the public domain for other authors to collaborate on. Search the database of software using a keyword (i.e., music notation) to find everything from mp3 converters to music notation software, sequencers, catalogue programs, composition software, youtube downloaders, audio players, midi libruaries, tools and more!