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Latest Events
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Latest Events
UK Supplier of Sheet Music, Musical Instruments, Gifts and Accessories

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This is a list of our current Affiliate Networks, Merchant Advertisers, Associates, free content, script, graphics and various other services or service providers that you will see scattered around the pages. Clicking on the logo's, banners or links will open a new window to the 3rd party sites where you can browse their product range, buy goods/services, sign up for special offers or bookmark them for future reference. We earn very little from our advertising but it helps to pay the site hosting fees.

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Pay as you Surf, Get Paid to Read Email, Get Paid for Start Page, Free Shares details, are available on our Earn as you Learn pages.

Our main Affiliates are Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, AffiliateWindow and Clickbank. All companies operate independantly and have a selection link styles available via their sites. We are now able to offer some great products for you to buy and search engines for both the UK & USA AMAZON sites to help you find great bargins on Books, CD's, DVD's, Video's & More.

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These sites use 'secure servers' and clicking on their logo or link will direct you to the selected item, page or homepage to find further information or buy.

All Credit Transactions, Order Confirmation, Handling, Dispatch & Shipping is dealt with by the Affiliate Company and queries should be made to them directly.

When applying to become an affiliate please note that sites are viewed prior to approval and monies due are forwarded to the name/address you provide, so submit your correct details and read their terms & conditions carefully.

You are paid between 3% and 15% on each sale the advertiser receives through your site and most companies pay you a small amount, usually 20p - £1.00 for each person who signs up to their affiliate program via your site. Some companies also pay you a small amount for each person who clicks through to their site from yours.

It's up to you how many and where you place your banners, although the main affiliates often specify a link from your home or index page. If your not overkeen on banners you can use a text link. Newcomers to web building will find easy to insert code - explainations for inclusion are sent with your application approval or via your members section at their sites.

As a general guide - open your HTML program (for example, NOTEPAD or WORDPAD), go to file & open the webpage you want the banner to appear on. Copy the code and paste it anywhere in between the 'body' tag of your page that you would like it to appear. If you are still unsure go to the top of your screen and click on 'View' then 'Source', this will open your notepad and show you how this page has been written. You are welcome to use this as a guide by saving this to your hard drive and experimenting offline with your own codes and pages but don't forget to change the affiliate codes to your own on sign up, or you won't get paid!!

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