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clarinetThe clarinet is part of the single reed family and is played by blowing air through a reed within the mouthpiece. This vibrates and different notes are produced by covering and uncovering holes with a system of keys operated by rods and levers.

The bass clarinet is an octave lower than the standard clarinet and has a distinctive deep, reedy sound as can be heard on Steely Dan's 'Babylon Sisters' (from the album Gaucho').

Mainly used in orchestras, classical music, the clarinet was popular during the 40's swing era but was mainly used as a novelty instrument in pop music during the 50's & 60's examples of this are found heard on The Beatles 'When I'm 64' and Joni Mitchells 'For Free'.

Clarinet Resources

Bandworld Clarinet articles, online lessons and resources.

BBC : Play it again hints and tips on clarinet playing.

Clarinet Resources list of retailers, bibliography and other resources

History of the Clarinet timeline with pictures provided by JL Publishing.

International Clarinet Association

The Clarinets comprehensive resource with articles on all aspects of clarinet from the instrument, how to play, literature, composers and how to fix.

The Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century selection of chapters from this book by Edwin Michael Richards

World Clarinet Alliance includes news, galleries and events.

Clarinet Tab & Lessons

8 Notes excellent resource with over 1500 free sheet music riffs and pieces complete with sound clip examples plus free pictures of commonly used musical instruments and free lessons.

Clarinet Companion online course with a free lesson.

Clarinet fingering chart

Clarinet Fingering Legend diagram and symbols.

Clarinet Fingering Video Clarinet Fingering Charts & Alternate Fingerings for Playing the Clarinet

Clarinet Lessons The Basic Band Book by Mr Glyn free pdf file with accompanying online instructional videos and links to well known clarinet players.

Free Online Clarinet Lessons includes Embouchure (Mouth placement and chin), Air Support, Articulation and Hand Position.

How to Play the Clarinet article with pictures at wikihow.

The Woodwind Fingering Guide