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bagpiper Bagpipes are not the first instrument that springs to mind when thinking about the Blues but as a part of the Double Reed family and Scotlands most memorable instrument we thought it only fair to include some information and links to resources.

Bagpipes produce a 'continuous wailing' sound which is produced due to its unique construction. Air is maintained by squeezing the bag with the left hand, while a breath is taken, the flow of air can be kept up in both the drone pipes and chanter. The mouthpipe contains a round piece of leather hinged onto the bag end which acts as a one way valve. As the player blows air in, the flap opens, when he stops blowing the air pressure within the bag forces the flap shut. The chanter has seven finger holes and a thumb hole, and has a usual range of an octave and one note.

Always happy to be corrected on a point and thought this note and band site were worth including - The Bagpipes can work within the blues and blues rock genre. PIPAPELLI from Western North Carolina uses the Great Highlands Bagpipes as one of the main driving forces in their bagpipes and blues/rock band. 3 CDs have been released, their most recent "BorderGuard" is getting plenty of radio airplay in the states, the UK, australia and now in Scotland! ...playin' the pipes like no other, more like a sax or horn section, or a les paul thru a wah wah pedal!!

Bagpipes and Practice Chanters

Bagpipe Reed and Drone SetBagpipe Reed And Drone Set
This spare set of drones and reeds is the perfect accessory for any bagpipe player. Featuring three high quality cane drones and a chanter reed, this set allows the player to completely change and revamp any set of bagpipes. Producing an authentic tone, these reeds are a must have for beginner bagpipe players. Also comes in a handy box that can fit in to a case or gig bag ready to be used in case of emergency.
Read more at Gear4Music

Chanter Bagpipes - Junior Royal Stewart
Set in a beautiful polished Rosewood, these Chanter Bagpipes are a fantastic purchase for anyone wishing to learn how to play the bagpipes without the additional problems associated with holding and managing a complete set of full size. The sheepskin bag allows the player to get comfortable with the techniques of playing the bagpipes, and the fully working chanter means you will be able to play recognisable tunes. The closed-end drones make blowing a little easier so you can work up to a full size set at your own speed. The instrument is finished off wonderfully in the Royal Stewart tartan cover complete with cords.
Read more at Gear4Music

Deluxe Bagpipes - Black Watch
The Deluxe Bagpipes by Gear4music are a fantastic way to learn the instrument. Featuring the Black Watch livery, these bagpipes are authentic to the highland regiment. This pack includes everything you need to get going, including all necessary reeds and drones.
Read more at Gear4Music

Deluxe BagpipesDeluxe Bagpipes - Royal Stewart
Learn to play the Bagpipes now with this all in one complete Bagpipe kit! These Gear4music Bagpipes are full size with an authentic finish at an affordable price. The kit includes everything you need to get started on this traditional instrument including a velvet lined presentation / carry case.
Read more at Gear4Music
Fagerstrom Technopipe With Headphones
Play it silently while you travel, on the bus, airplane, car, endless possiblities. Play it with drone sounds or without. Hours and hours of technical practicing. Built in metronome & plays in different keys. Authentic bagpipe and smallpipe sound. Fits in your pocket: only 16 x 225 mm (5/8" x 9").
Read more at Amazon UK
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Gibson Practice Chanter Kit
This complete package includes the highest quality tuition for prospective pipers with Gibson long practice chanter with padded chanter sleeve, Gibson reed, College of Piping book and CD.
Read more at Amazon USA

Great Highland Full Size Bagpipes/Scottish Bagpipes Hard Case/Dudelsack/Gaita
Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes Natural Rosewood/Shesham wood with Silver Plain Amounts Full set Rosewood Bagpipe Natural Finish with Silver Amount and Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe Cover with Matching Cord. Also Available Various Tartan & Velvet Bagpipe Bag Covers. Royal Stewart Tartan, Black Watch Tartan, Mackenzie Tartan, Irish National Tartan, McLeod of Lewis Tartan, Black Velvet, Red Velvet, Green Velvet, Blue Velvet, Black Velvet & Red Fringe, Black Velvet & White Fringe Features Full Size Bagpipe 40 x 20 Synthetic Bag 30 X 12 Scottish Rosewood Bagpipe with Nickel Plated Plain Mounts Color:- Natural Finish Outside Smooth and glossy Finish Inside Silver Nickel Plain Mounts. Free Accessories 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set 1 Cane Drone Reed Set 2 Cane Pipe Chanter Reeds 2 Patrice Chanter Reeds 1 Patrice Chanter 1 Carrying Case
Read more at Amazon UK

McCallum Practice Chanter Premium Kit
This is an unbelievably loaded kit: Everything in this kit includes: McCallum Full Size (long) practice chanter with threaded reed seat, McCallum Practice Chanter Reed, embroidered zippered nylon carrying case Reed tube for reed College of Piping Tutor with Cd/cdrom lessons Everything in this kit is "A" list products. Top of the line quality. EVERYTHING you need to get started on playing the bagpipes is here. If you are going to get started, do it right the first time!!
Read more at Amazon USA

RoseWood Practice Chanter Natural Color with 2 Free Reeds Imitation Ivory Mounts
Brand New RoseWood Practice Chanter Natural Color. Made of Rose Wood with Imitation Ivory Mounts. Practice Chanter 19" Long. Comes with Free 2pcs chanter Reeds.
Read more at Amazon USA

Scottish Highland Bagpipes Practice Chanter Rosewood Ivory Amounts and Case
Scottish chanter good quality practice chanter with the great highland bagpipe. Decent chanter with good tone and intonation. Reliable scottish and irish traditional instruments at economical prices. Conventional, low cost way to start playing Made from good hardwood,complete with reeds and box.
Read more at Amazon UK

Bagpipe Tabs, Lessons & Software

Bagpipe Jokes

Q. How do you make a chain saw sound like a bagpipe?
A. Add vibrato.

Q. How many bagpipers does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Five. One to handle the bulb, the other four to tell him how much better they could have done it.

Bagpipe and other Instrument Jokes at Vocalist.org.uk

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