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Amps, Effects & Speakers

There are some excellent sites on the internet providing articles and product reviews for a wide range of musicians amplifiers, effects units and speakers which can now be found in this section.

Musical Equipment Manufacturers links to UK and International Musical Instrument and Audio Equipment Manufactures, Makers, Suppliers and Software Developers.

Accessories links to accessory suppliers for a wide range of instruments and equipment.

Strings links to suppliers of instrument strings for a wide range of instruments.

How To Set Up a P.A. System Basic set up instructions for beginners plus how to use a mixing desk, getting a good sound, books and links to helpful articles and suppliers at Vocalist.org.uk.

Amplifier Links

Home of the Fender Amp Field Guide has an extensive online catalogue with information and diagrams for everything amp related including fuses, speakers, diodes to logos, tools, covers and hardware

Duncan Amps rather handy Tube Data Sheet Locator
online resource for finding data on vacuum tubes and schematics includes downloadable PC based software to view the information off line.

Kiewa Valley Audio
contains information on various manufacturers audio products which are no longer available including links to related resources and information.

World Tube Audio Portal
contains the ultimate tube audio encyclopedia, world tube audio directory, forum, classifieds and chat

boneheads guide to amps Guitar World Presents :
The Bonehead's Guide to Amps
Dominic Hilton

For many novice players their amp is the boring, functional part of their first set-up. This guide explains how it can be as exciting, inspirational and as important as their guitar
Read more at Amazon UK
Read More at Amazon USA

boneheads guide to effects Guitar World Presents :
The Bonehead's Guide to Effects
Dominic Hilton

Like the special effects used in Speilberg movies, guitar effects can be equally as dramatic and baffling. The Boneheads Guide to Effects gets right to the point with an illustrated description of every type of guitar effect, including their sound, application and the various formats available. From a simple "stompbox" to high-powered rack systems, all are clearly explained in terms of how they function and how they can be used to enhance your playing. The text includes a detailed buyers guide to assembling your ideal effects system, alongside useful safety and maintenance tips. There is also vital info on "chaining" effects and recipes for basic tones and outrageous sounds. The bizarre technology of guitar effects uses everything from feet to floppy discs and this guide provides the necessary knowledge to choose and apply these weird devices according to your style and budget. If you feel the urge to wah, flange, uni-vibe or pitchshift, then this is the book to get you effected!
Read More at Amazon USA
Read more at Amazon UK

Articles & Reviews

Links to amplifier, speakers, monitors, effects and microphone articles, news & reviews from around the web.

Instrument, Effect and Equipment Reviews & User Advice available in our Music Articles section.

Traynor Amplifier Schematic Archive contains free downloadable schematics in .gif format.

More Equipment Review Sites

A1 Guitar
effects and product archives, online reviews and guitar lessons.

Active Bass
product and manufacturer searchable listings of reviews.

Audio Amateur inc
includes information on their magazines AudioXpress and Voice Coil which cover a variety of articles including speaker construction and a bundle of product and kit reviews in .pdf format plus a world tube directory an loudspeaker industry sourcebook.

Musical Instrument Product Reviews & Classifieds - ODP directory links

Musical Equipment Product Reviews - ODP directory

Scott McDonald's Musicians Connection
information on guitars, amps, effects, hardware and musical gear of all kinds; Covering set-up,repair, construction and more.

Guitar Seek
Guitar & Tab Search Engine has in depth product & equipment reviews.

Music Gear Review
Amps & Equipment Reviews.

UK Retailers & Repairers

Ampaholics UK
based in Guildford, Surrey. British Guitar amps including authentic vintage and rare amplifiers, speakers, spares and restoration.

Argiriadis Analogue Electronics
Designs, builds, repairs, and restores analogue electronic audio equipment especially amplifiers, plus own range of unique handbuilt amplifiers and valve studio equipment.

Buyers Index
Listings for Audio, Musical & Video Equipment Suppliers.

Cranes Musical Instruments

Excellent music shop providing Guitars, Amps & Effects.

EL Music
Eric Lindsey's online website with two branches, Catford London and Reigate Surrey.

Fret Music
Online store for a wide range of instruments with retail outlet located in Southampton.

Guitar Village
large guitar shop located in Farnham, Surrey.

Guitar and amplifier specialists in Hertfordshire.

Maplin UK
valves and transformers

includes Amplifier Product Reviews.

Steve's Amps
guitar amp repairs and modifications, based in Surrey.

Swain Electronics
Company who Build/Design, Modify/Repair service electronic musical equipment- ranging from Vintage equipment to the latest things.

The Majestic Transformer Company

Tube Shop
the UK's only fully online tube ordering service.

Watford Valves
suppliers of tested, graded and guaranteed valves to the professional music industry.

Amplifier Manufacturers

manufacturer of high end amplifiers.

AB International
professional sound reinforcement equalization products.

Aguilar Amplification LLC
manufactures bass amplification equipment.

Analog Bros.
custom manufacturing and modification of tube guitar amplifiers.

Audio Research
manufacturer of hi-fi equipment including preamplifiers, power amplifiers, compact disc players and more.

Budda Amplification
custom tube amplification and effects for the professional guitar player.

C-Tech, USA
manufacturers of portable headphone amplifiers.

Cage Amplifiers
handcrafted guitar amplifiers for professional musicians. Custom work and restorations, too.

high-end vacuum tube and solid state audio equipment.

Daedalus Music
manufactures sells acoustic stringed instrument amplifiers for guitar, violin, bass, mandolin, electric guitar. Speaker systems, studio furniture stage monitors.

Demeter Amplification
manufacturers of vacuum tube professional audio equipment, pro audio and musical instrument amplifiers and pedals.

Dr. Z Amplification
hand built, point-to-point wired, all-tube guitar amps and cabinets.

Edward Amplification Co.
Canadian manufacturer of vacuum tube guitar amplfiers.

manufacture guitar amplifiers and automobile crossovers.

Epifani Custom Sound Systems
manufacturs custom bass, guitar, and pro-pa cabinets.

Fishman Transducers
acoustic amplification products.

Guitar amplifiers with downloadable manuals available on site.

Halcro Amplifiers
amplifiers with harmonic distortion levels of less than 100 parts per billion.

Harry Kolbe - Soundsmith, Inc.
repairs, modifies, and manufactures guitar amplifiers and designs and builds custom rigs for the professional musician.

Hoffman Amplifiers
hand built tube guitar amps.

Hughes and Kettner
German manufacturer of guitar and bass amplification systems.

Kitty Hawk Amplifiers
guitar and bass amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets, MIDI looper, mixer and controller.

mixers, speakers, amplifiers, and more.

manufactures tube and solid-state amplifiers.

Lee Jackson Amplifiers
custom amp modifications.

Line 6
manufacturers of AX2 212 Flextone Series digital guitar amplifier systems, POD Direct guitar system, and Amp Farm for ProTools.

Mako Amplification
handcrafted, point to point, mil-spec turret board all tube guitar amplifiers.

Marshall Amplification plc
the stack amplifier masters offer product specs, news and updates. Shockwave is required to enter and view this site.

pioneers in vacuum tube amplifiers.

The official site for amp suppliers

Pignose Amplifiers
manufactures battery powered guitar and bass amps including the Gorilla line.

Pritchard Amps
guitar, bass, and acoustic tube emulation amps.

Professional Sound System (PSS)
French manufacturer of power amplifiers.

all-tube guitar amps. Check out our combo amps, heads, speaker cabinets, and power amps.

Sheldon Amps
Handbuilt British made amplifiers.

Soldano Custom Amplification
home of the SLO 100. All-tube guitar amplifiers, including combos, heads, and speaker cabinets.

Sowter Transformers
manufacturer providing custom replacements for vintage amps

Tech 21
makers of SansAmp tube amp emulators, the Triple Channel Tri-O.D. Stomp Box, XXL Distortion Pedals, MIDI Mouse MIDI Footswitches and the Trademark 60 guitar combo amplifier.

Tony Bruno Custom Amp
offers Bruno Amplifiers, handcrafted custom point to point wired tube guitar amps.

Trainwreck Circuits
The Official Web Page of Ken Fischer's Trainwreck Circuits and Guitar Amplifiers.

Victoria Amps
vintage tube amp replicas.

Vox Amps
official website includes history of the amp.

describe their electric basses, amps, accessories. Contains photos, specs, pricing and technical information.

Tube Manufacturers

Groove Tubes
manufactures vacuum tube guitar amplification, microphones, and recording equipment.

New Tube Company, The
offers guitar amplifier components including tubes, sockets and custom transformers, for consumers and OEM's alike.

Ruby Tubes
Distributors of Ruby Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications.