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Musical Equipment Accessory Links

Musical equipment accessories manufacturers, makers and suppliers of all types are provided including links to custom and stock replacement part makers, pickups, bags, pedals etc,.

For those looking for Strings we have links to manufacturers and suppliers of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass guitar, fretted and bowed instruments, speciality strings including lute, banjo, mandolin, bandurria and mandola strings.

We recommend reading the industry trade and music magazines for fully updated regular musical equipment reviews.

Please note: EBClub is not affiliated to or paid for these listings ... they are provided purely for visitors convenience.

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Acoustic Music Resource
features acoustic guitar products including CDs, videos, and books.

Allparts Music
Suppliers of guitar parts and accessories.

B. Hefner Co.
makers of custom Edenhaus guitars and basses, and Fender guitar parts.

a device that allows users to carry any guitar or other instrument on their back.

pickups and electronics.

Guitars and guitar accessories.

EMG, Inc.
manufacturer of musical instrument pickups for electric and acoustic stringed instruments.

Ernie Ball Co.
makers of guitars, basses, strings, and more. Order t-shirts and other company memorabilia online.

Guitar Scale and Bass Scale Calculator
non-electronic device for determining major or minor fretboard scale notes.

Highlander Musical Audio Products
manufactures high quality pickups and preamplifiers for acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar.

Jim Dunlop USA
manufactures Crybaby Wah Wah pedals, MXR, Rockman, HERCO, picks, slides, capos fretwire, straplok, and many other miscellaneous guitar accessories.

Joe Barden Pickups
designed to fit standard pickup routs with no modifications to the instrument.

Kinman Guitar Electrix
makers of the Avn series authentic vintage tone, noiseless Stratocaster replacement pickups.

L.R. Baggs Co.
manufactures pickups and electronics for acoustic and electric stringed instruments.

Levy's Leathers Limited
manufacturing leather and nylon guitar straps and soft cases, and gun straps and belts.

MannMade USA, Inc.
manufacturer of guitar & bass parts and hardware. Products include vibrato (tremolo) and fixed (hardtail) bridges, pickguards, plates, knobs, etc. Everthing but the wood and the electronics.

Mighty Mite
professional quality universal replacement parts for guitar, bass and drum.

Musikraft Inc.
manufactures custom and stock replacement necks and bodies for electric guitars and basses.

Parts is Parts
new, used, vintage guitar and amplifier parts.

Point Technologies
produces tremolo bridge systems for the solid-body electric guitar market, using patented Point-Cone fulcrum technology.

Spin Doctor
offers a string installation tool that fits into a cordless screwdriver.

Sunrise Pickups
includes news and dealer information.

manufacures replacement guitar necks and bodies. Hardware for the do-it-yourselfer and experianced guitar technician.

William Lawrence Design
manufacturer of guitar, bass, acoustic and steel guitar pickups.