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Free music lessons and tutorials for beginners to advanced musicians, links to online lessons and NEW music software viewlet tutorials for anyone venturing into streaming media and recording.

Industry personnel tutorials, tips, techniques and advice from names in the biz are also available in our new Music Articles.  Read the latest from Classical Composers to Heavy Metal dudes like 'Slayer' and more!!

More Free Tabs are provided, the links on the right will jump you to the relevant section.  More Lessons? Browse the Online Music Lesson Sites.

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Sadly the Tutorial Viewlets complete step by step visual guides on using a wide variety of music software applications is no more! The company providing the free viewlets has now removed all the free stuff and require payment for use.

  • Movie Sounds
    Making your own sound samples - instructions on how to create samples from vcr or dvd, plus find samples from tons of movies using the links or search provided.

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    Bass Line Construction Lessons - by Steve Schmidt of Stanford.edu
    The Role of the Bass Line Lesson 1 by Steve Schmidt
    Beyond the Root Note Lesson 2 by Steve Schmidt
    Chords & Bass Lines Lesson 3 by Steve Schmidt
    Major Scales, Keys, Chord Changes, & the Circle of Fifths - by Steve Schmidt

    Slapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 1 - by Doug Wellington of Arizona.edu
    Slapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 2 - by Doug Wellington
    Slapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 3 - by Doug Wellington

    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 1 Introduction - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 2 Hand Independence - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 3 Mixing Techniques - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 4 Left Hand Fifths. Right hand Major Thirds
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 5 Triads. Major Thirds. Relative Minors
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 6 Right Hand Fifths - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 7 Ninth Right Hand Position - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 8 Single String Ideas - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 9 Right hand Slides - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 10 Left Hand 9'ths - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 11 Scaler playing - by Ian Stephenson
    Tapping on Bass Guitar Lesson 12 Use of the Thumb - by Ian Stephenson

    Active Bass Online Bass Community An extensive bass guitar and double bass home site that includes lessons with customizable playback, bass line builder, and on-line jam track-builder with save and publish features.

    Bass Guitar Practice Tabs
    Whole Lotta Rosie - ACDC
    Day Tripper - The Beatles
    Cocaine - Eric Clapton

    Guitar & Bass Guitar Practice Chords & Tabs



    Four Fundamentals of Troubleshooting for Brass Players

    How to write for Brass Bands

    Instrument Maintenance
    Advice on the general care and maintenance of lacquered, silver plated and brass instruments

    Instrument Worksheets
    a worksheet to teach the instruments of the brass section.

    Pay The Piper UK
    So you want to play a musical instrument - a site for aspiring musicians providing free information, has sections for various instruments with information about the instrument, approximate purchasing costs

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    Drum Tutorial by Rob Stevens
    (Wembley Drum Center & Logic System Drums)

    GP Percussion
    for Marimba, Percussion & Timpani - site includes regular virtual masterclasses - including Mallets & other percussive instruments!

    Drum Practice Tabs

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    Online Guitar Tuner - Tune up your guitar before you begin!!
    Chord Decoder - find chord name for a given chord fingering.
    Guitar Codex Chord, Tab & Scales Directory & More!!
    Chord Generator - Shows the fingerings for a variety of chords.
    Scale Generator - Shows the major and minor scales on a fretboard
    Guitar Chord Chart - Simple javascript chord chart, choose the chord and click set for the chord fingering to be displayed.

    Guitarist's Chord Dictionary Select from over 250 possibilities to play and display chords for the guitar. This is provided by Emedia as a small sample of what is included on the eMedia Guitar Method 1 & 2 CD-Roms available through us from Amazon
    Read more & purchase at Amazon UK
    Read more & purchase at Amazon USA

    Java Guitar Tool - shows scales in standard guitar tuning using a java fretboard, pick the root note and scale for the options to be shown. This application demonstrates different scales for guitar players.

    Chordfind - Guitar Chords Choose guitar chords to hear and see.

    Great Tutorial on How to play a song at Andy's the-music with clear fingering diagrams, chordfinder & online guitar tuner!   Cheers Andy!! - These links will take you directly to the relevent pages. Bookmark this page NOW (Hit Control +D) and keep track of the latest tutorials
    Tab & Chords you will need to play the song
    Chords 1 Chord Fingering shown by pictures & diagrams
    Chords 2 Chord Fingering page 2
    Chord Construction page 1
    Chord Construction page 2
    Explaination & Breakdown of Intro
    Quick Guide Lyrics, Song & Chords quick guide to the song

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    Sample Rate Calculator
    Mathematical Calculaton of Sample Rates formulae. Calculators related to music let you identify notes related to frequencies, transpose a sound, etc.

    Sample Rate & Tempo Transposition Calculator
    use online or save to your computer for offline use. Use to find the change in sample rate or frequency to transpose a sound or to find the pitch shift from a known change in sample rate or tempo.

    Frequency to Note Calculator
    use this calculator online or save to your computer to find what note a given frequency is.

    Musica Viva Encyclopedia
    search or browse the encyclopedia

    Tonal Centre, The
    Explore many aspects of tonality with this audio-enhanced tutorial including Chords, Scales, Cadences, Modulation.

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    Learn Piano Chords
    Use this neat virtual piano to learn keyboard and piano chord structure.  This is a great aid for anyone who either wants to learn how to play piano or brush up on their knowledge!  Thanks to Colm Mac Cárthaigh for writing this freeware program and to Javascriptsource.com for providing the free java service.

    Play a Piano/Synthesizer/Oscilloscope
    This virtual reality Java piano lets you play the piano and have a little fun while learning the relationship between the sounds, music theory, musical scales, and the underlying math and physics of how sounds are produced and perceived. Combined with the piano is an oscilloscope and sound generator so you can create, view, and hear sounds and you can learn how the amplitude and period of the wave relates the volume and pitch of the sounds.

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    Arto's String Calculator
    very comprehensive online program with full instructions for calculating where a string can be used by setting the diameter and more. Measures string tension and diameter for a number of instruments, in a variety of settings.

    Arto's String Diameter/Tension Drawer

    Bob's Handy String Tension Designer
    With this Netscape Javascript program, you can see how pitch, tension, string length, diameter and inharmonicity are related. First select an octave, then click on note to select, and enter values in the fields above the COMPUTE button. Select type of string. Click on COMPUTE to find out how much tension is required. This program does not work for wound strings.

    Displays many possible chords, scales, and fingerings for bass, guitar, mandolin, or Chapman Stick. Slow to download.

    Java Tuner
    This Java applet demonstrates various historical tunings and temperaments and allows one to experiment with them. It was developed to accompany a text on Understanding temperaments, and is complemented by a set of MIDI files demonstrating various tunings and temperaments, full instructions and a variety of modern and archaic tuning modes. Also provides selected intervals and a chord player.

    Lute String & Tension Calculator
    Calculate string tension for the baroque lute.

    Play the Banjo!
    Learn to play banjo chords, includes banjo tuner with slide, hammer-on etc.

    String Guage & Tension Calculator
    Check your string tensions based on pitch, guage and type of string, also does the inverse calculation when you type in other string parameters.

    Ukelele Chord Finder
    Learn the chords on a ukelele with this fast loading interactive applet that shows the name of the chord, fingering, notes used plus a selection of chord combinations to choose from. By clicking the 'Pick' you can hear how the chord shown should sound and by clicking the individual pipes on the pitch pipe you hear the notes.  There is the option to switch between Soprano (D), Soprano (C), Tenor (C) and Baritone (G) Ukulele tunings.



    Tuning by Ratios
    by Robert Asmussen (PhD student in Musicology) is a comprehensive paper which includes examples, diagrams, formulae, downloadable mp3 and music scores to demonstrate and explain Tuning by Ratios. Suitable for those who already have a basic understanding of music.

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    More tutorials, educational books, audio books, chords, lyrics, tab, songbooks and sheet music, repair manuals, guitar case guides, left-hand and twelve string guitar books, amps, effects, speed lead and more in these sections:-

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    And for all you Blues & Rock Fans we have a selection from Amazon's wide range of Cd's, Minidisks & Vinyl Albums Click Here

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