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A list of each section including descriptions of the contents to aid navigation of our newly re-vamped website.  Especially useful for those who are unable to see our new drop down navigation bar located under the club logo and title.  Click on any blue link to go to the page/section.

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    Read about our non-profit musicians club, the concept behind the website, our contributors and volunteers, administration address and contact details.

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    Check out our picture gallery and past events in the Electric Blues Club Archives hosted at Play The Music.

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    Club & Website news, updates and service announcements located in the messageboards.

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Lessons & Tutorials >>
  • Music Lessons & Tutorials
    Free online music lessons and tutorials for all standards including music theory, video lessons, online practice applications and more.

  • Learn Piano Chords
    Use our virtual piano which shows which combinations of notes make up chords. (no voicings).

  • Music Theory
    Information and links to sites providing online lessons in music theory plus helpful resources.

  • Online Lesson Sites
    Links to a myriad of sites providing free online music lessons for all ages, standards and styles.

  • Tutorial Viewlets
    Are small animated step by step tutorials demonstrating how to use the most popular music software programs for Mac and PC.  Includes 'how to create a cd', 'wav to mp3', converting file types and using freeware music software players/recorders.

  • Tutors
    Information and links to Music Tutors and sites providing searchable databases for music tutors of all styles

  • Xylophone
    Play our free online xylophone in real time or download the free software to play on your computer.

Interactive >>
  • Classified Ads
    Browse or Post music related adverts in our Free Classified Ads.  Bands/musicians/singers available/wanted, musical equipment, instruments and services.

  • Love Club
    Read relationship articles, humour, valentines day information, romantic gift ideas and recipies, take the Love Test, try the Love Meter and join our dating site with ....... thousands of people online, view or upload photo ads....... wether your looking for friendship, romance or more - your perfect partner is waiting for you inside!!

  • Messageboards
    Music and singing messageboards and forums, talk to other musicians and singers!

  • Music FFA Links
    Online database for agents, artists, bands, dj's, duo's, entertainers, karaoke hosts, management companies, musicians, orchestras, singers, trio's of all styles and associated music sites.  Add a link to your website or view the database.

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Styles >>
  • Acoustic
    Handy section for Acoustic Musicians and music lovers including links to acoustic music sites.

  • Blues Index
    Handy sections devoted to Blues Enthusiasts and Players with links to lessons & tutorials, blues sites, articles, jam nights, news, festivals, magazines, list servers, recommended books, cd tutorials, audio books, music cd's, dvd's & video's.

  • Classical Music
    Handy section for Classical Musicians and music lovers including links to classical music sites, chamber, choral and early music.

  • Country Music
    Handy section for Country Musicians and music lovers including links to country and western music sites.

  • Folk
    Handy section devoted to Folk music lovers with links to dedicated, folk music sites, free sheet music, online lessons & tutorials, folk charts and more.
  • Gospel
    Handy section devoted to Gospel lovers with links to dedicated gospel music sites, articles, news and more.

  • Jazz Music
    Handy section for Jazz Musicians and music lovers including links to dedicated jazz music sites and resources.

  • Musicals
    Information and resources for lovers of Musical Theatre including links to theatres, amateur resources and related sites.

  • Rap & Hip Hop Music
    Handy section for Rap & Hip Hop Musicians and music lovers including links to dedicated music sites.

  • Rock Music
    Handy section for Rock Musicians and music lovers including links to all forms of dedicated rock music sites including heavy metal.

  • World Music
    Handy sections devoted to World Music Enthusiasts and Players with links to lessons & tutorials, articles, news and more.

Gig Guide >>

Industry >>
  • Acts & Bands
    Club members and friends act/band sites plus comprehensive links to signed artists, music celebrities, celebrity search, posters and worldwide music chart listing sites.

  • Agents & Artist Management
    Information and advice on Entertainment Agents and Artist Management plus links to helpful articles, advice, resources and links to agents and managers for entertainers and bands.

  • A & R Connection
    Information on companies who provide services for new and unsigned artists aiming for record or publishing deals.

  • Booking
    Tips and advice on getting gigs and bookings with agents and venues.

  • Earning a Living
    Advice on Earning A Living as a Musician, Music Industry Jobs, Job & Self-Employement Advice, webmasters affiliate sites plus how to suppliment your income by earning money on the internet and essential links to helpful resources.

  • Education
    Information and links to educational establishments, music schools, colleges, universities, music, dj, sound engineering and production courses and workshops, online lessons and fun educational music sites suitable for very young children.

  • Entertainment Agents
    Information and advice on Entertainment Agents and Artist Management plus links to helpful articles, advice, resources and links to agents and managers for entertainers and bands.

  • Halls of Fame
    Music Halls of Fame, archives, databases and collections providing awards, information, photo's, biographies and sound collections.

  • Health Resources for Musicians
    Includes links to information and advice on musicians medical issues with resources and articles for common ailments.

  • Marketing
    Tips and advice on advertising, marketing and promoting your music.

  • Music News
    Entertainment and Music News from around the world updated daily, read and search for more music news using the News Search.

  • Music Organisations
    Musicians, dj's and music associations and organisations UK and Worldwide listings in alphabetical order.

  • Radio
    Advice and tips on how to become a dj or get your music heard on radio plus radio humour, broadcasting news and sites providing individuals and groups with show prep and the opportunity to run their own radio show/station.

  • Record Co's
    Information and advice on record companies, links to example contracts plus essential help and resources for artists/bands including links to major and independent record companies, internet promotional companies and dedicated artist to A&R mediators.

  • Resources
    Musicians essential resources including unions, organisations, business advice, royalty collectors, band name registers, music law, copyright advice, plus helpful links for touring artists to embassy finders, street maps and more.

  • Studios
    Information and advice on finding and using Rehearsal and Recording Studio's plus articles on designing and building a home studio with links to studios and sites providing advice and resources on recording.

  • Television
    Information and resources for musicians seeking employment in television including links job site listing resources, unions, associations, television and production companies, film/movie resources, tv & film production courses, show prep plus websites providing tv advert information and free online music tv and radio guide showing up to date details of whats on each channel nationwide which are searchable and configurable to your requirements.  Includes Kerrang, MTV, VH1, Performance Channel, Biography Channel plus all BBC, ITV analogue, digital, cable and satellite channels.

  • Theatre
    Information and resources for musicians seeking employment on Stage and Theatre in musicals and other music related performances.

Retail >>
  • Buy Audio
    Our fave Blues & Rock artists albums available on Minidisc, CD, DVD, Vinyl.  Browse or buy audio music and support the club.

  • Equipment Manufacturers
    Links to major and independant musical instrument, software and equipment makers, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers.

  • Insurance for Musicans and Bands
    Links and contact information for a variety of insurance companies and resources plus stolen instrument resources and messageboards.

  • Gift Shop
    Our new gift shop contains a host of neat stuff including mugs, mousemats, t-shirts, bags, baseball caps, teddy bears and more with the Electric Blues Club logo courtesy of CafePress. Grab a goodie and help to keep this site free ;-)
  • Magazines
    Music magazines for musicans, dj's and music lovers in all styles and genres of music - from classical to heavy metal with everything in between including trade magazines for that insider info.

  • Music Books
    A range of educational music books for all standards and styles of player, including bass guitar, blues, drum & percussion, guitar, keyboards, chord, lyric, songwriting, song books plus equipment, technology, recording and sound engineering reference books.

  • Music Gifts at Christmas Crackers
    • Musical Gift Ideas

    • Musical Instruments

    • Musical Equipment

    • Karaoke Backing Tracks

    • Christmas Clipart

    • Christmas Links

  • Musicians Store / Shop
    Browse a variety of musical instruments, equipment, accessories, care and maintenance products for all ages, standards and styles available at our affiliates.

Free Stuff >>
  • Affiliates
    List and links to all our affiliates, advertisers, sponsors and free hosted services providers. Handy for website owners wishing to make money from their website.  Please help to keep this site free and support the club by visiting their sites, buying products or using their free services..........Thank You.

  • Competitions
    Links and information on Talent Competitions, Battle of the Bands Competitions and Songwriting Competitions plus online competitions and games for you to play for fun and prizes.

  • Downloads
    Freeware & Shareware Music Software Downloads - fun and educational software including games to aid music learning and handy applications for serious musicians, singers and songwriters. (section shared with Vocalist)

  • E Cards
    Create, Send or Pick up Free internet greeting cards - currently shared with Vocalist, this section is soon to be upgraded!!!!

  • Free Ringtones
    Grab free ringtones from our selection for your mobile telephone

  • Free Money!
    Earning money on the internet, information and links to free shares, paid to surf, paid to read email and other internet earning programs.

  • Games
    Free online games for fun, includes old favourites and new entertaining stuff like BaP and Bubbles.  Find out your future and ask the Crystal Ball a question!!

  • Graphics & Services
    Free graphics, clipart, remote hosting, website content providers and webmaster tools.
  • Humour
    Jokes, Humour, Cartoons and mini animations for fun lovers.

  • Jazz Machine
    Wacky jazz machine for wild musicians, make music online or download free software.

  • Music Links
    Add or view links and information to our evergrowing database of acts, agents, bands, dj's, musicians, singers and other music industry sites.

  • Sheet Music
    Free sheet music downloads, sheet music and music books plus links to free sheet music available on the internet.

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