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Music Theory Lessons

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Music Theory covers all aspects of learning to read and understand music regardless of genre or style.  To aid you in your quest to learn we have created this new section packed full of sites who provide free online music theory lessons and at some point intend to include our own lessons. (eventually!!)

Our particluar favourite is Gary Ewers Easy Music Theory Lessons which caters to for all standards from complete beginners to professional players who want to brush up their skills.

There are also a variety of excellent free freeware and shareware Music Theory software suitable for all ages and standards in our Downloads section.

Music Theory Books
Music Theory Lessons Online

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Learn to Read Music
Learn to Read Music by Howard Shanet - Our Price:- £7.71  UK  USA

Synopsis A study of the fundamentals of reading musical notation that will teach the reader to read music in 4 hours.   Organised in small chapters with step by step instruction and exercises, this guide is useful to learn the rudiments of music, rhythm, pitch, notation and crammed with essential information.
UK Click Here
USA Click Here
Teach Yourself to Read Music: Guide for Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz Singers by Jeffrey Deutsch - Our Price:- £12.83  UK  USA

Synopsis This 80 page paperback book and accompanying Cd provides more commercial styles of singers with a guide to reading music, examples and practice lessons.


Canon - Math and the. Musical Offering. What is a canon?. In music a canon is a form in which two (or more) voices sing the same melodic line but start at ...

Canon - Form & Analysis - Reading, listening, and assignment for the second week

Chris B's Music - Online music theory lessons plus online music lessons in various instruments for $20.00 a month

Conterpoint - From the Latin punctus contra punctum , ’note against note’, the art of combining individual melodic voices with each other to form a harmonious whole.

Conterpoint - Notes on Counterpoint.

Counterpoint - Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.

Counterpoint -Form & Analysis, Contrapuntal Techniques - Form & Analysis, Contrapuntal Techniques, by Tim Smith.

Counterpoint - MTO Dissertation Listings - Burkett, Lyn E.- Counterpoint as a Model for Post-Tonal Experimental Music: Theories of Seeger, Krenek, Hindemith, and Schoenberg.

Demystifying Tonal Counterpoint - How to Overcome Your Fear of Composing Counterpoint Exercises.

Discussion of a Generative Theory of Tonal Music - Review and discussion of a generative theory of tonal music-By Alan Ruttenberg.

Dolmetsch - Music Theory, staffs, clefs and pitch notation. Includes examples, diagrams and informaton on Helmholtz Pitch Notation.

Elementary General Music - Helping general music teachers mantain a strong tradition in teaching singing...

Free Music Education Center - Provides free music lessons, including piano, guitar and music theory for all levels.

Gary Ewers Easy Music Theory Lessons - Free Online Lessons, learn how to write scales, chords, triads, etc., and gain some rudimentary knowledge of the basic concepts of music

Java Music Theory Rather cool online music theory lessons which include note reading, a piano key finder, music speed reading, C-Clef Note Reading, Key Signature Drill, Scale Building, Interval Drills, Chord Drills and a downloadable file for MAC users.

JLB Music Online music theory lessons with images and text articles plus forum.

Music Theory Lessons at MySheetMusic - aimed at the complete beginner, these online lessons are accompanied by pictures and are aimed at piano/keyboard players.

Music Theory On Line - Interactive distance learning music theory course, for students and teachers. Includes description, samples, prices and application form.

Music Theory Online + Music Theory discussion/support list

Java Music Theory - Java Music Theory is a suite of Java applets designed to help students of music theory improve their proficiency at basic music theory skills.

Music Theory - Complete music theory.

Musictheory.net - Learn the basics of music theory in fun animated lessons. Site also includes staff and ear trainers for improving musicianship.

Phil's Composition Page - Online Music Composition Lessons

Practical Guide to Music Composition

Read MusicPreface

Ricci Adams' Music Theory.net - Animated Music Theory Lessons

Scales & Key Signatures - Free online lessons complete with diagrams on Tetrachord, Scales, Key Signatures, Modal Scales, Chromatic, Whole Tone and Pentatonic Scales including scorable practice exercises!

Temperaments Provides frequencies of notes in a scale for three different temperaments you select.

Teoria - Music Theory Web

The Tonal Centre Explore many aspects of tonality with this audio-enhanced tutorial including Chords, Scales, Cadences, Modulation.

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